Find hidden insights in your data. Faster.

Limmi is a modern data & analysis platform for your research. Power your toughest big data and machine learning models, gain new insights in your research, and search data from any device on a HIPAA and FDA compliant platform.

Intuitive software for your toughest informatics challenges

Break down data silos

Get the data you need, without having to do a major migration.

Supercharge your analysis

Monitor your models from training to deployment - track model drift and hundreds of other parameters.

Get actionable insights

Discover new patterns in your data with AI-powered disease insights

Collaborate in real time

Stop wasting time tracking down information or people. Do it all from one platform.

Workflows tailored for you

Customize workflows to save you time and let you get back to transforming health outcomes.

Use any device

Use your phone to scan barcodes and get the data you need on samples, experiments, or batches

save time and get results faster

Save time and money by eliminating wasteful manual analysis.

Our customers see an average of 20% productivity boost in their lab after switching to Limmi from time savings alone.

Integrate with the right tools hassle Free

Limmi integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow and tools via powerful, easy to use integrations.

Stop spending resources on maintaining your existing software, and more time focused on your lab development.

Got questions? We’re here to help!

How do I get started with Limmi?

Contact our team to get setup today - we'll give you access to a demo site to try out features with no obligation same day, and walk you through the basic setup to get your system live in less than 2 weeks.

How long does it take to get setup?

You'll be up and running with your lab data and custom workflows in less than 2 weeks in most situations.

Is my data secure?

Limmi uses industry leading security controls for your data,
and hosts your data in a dedicated repository for your
company. We can even deploy the entire system to your infrastructure, so your data never leaves your control. You can rest assured your data is secure and backed up.

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