Trevor Vieweg

Co-Founder & CEO 

Trevor Vieweg over 15 years of experience as an engineer, leader, and entrepreneur. He has vast experience in the technology sector, enabling him to pursue his next role as co-founder and CEO of Limmi. He has a passion for bringing great software products to transform the way sectors do business, which has steered him to various positions in technology companies in many diverse industries. Prior to co-founding Limmi, Trevor served as the CTO of Sea Machines where he built autonomous systems for marine vessels. He was previously the head of product development at Viasat where he designed and built networks and equipment for the US government, created home WiFi apps for consumers, developed entertainment systems for commercial plane passengers, and built large scale data management systems for airlines.

Trevor holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University and a master’s degree in enterprise architecture from the University of California San Diego.